Where the Happily Ever Afters Are Always In Color

 Day 1… Part 2


Sent out 4 queries.

– Received one form rejection (a general dear author letter saying the agent has decided to pass on your work based on your letter of summary) exactly 36 minutes after I sent it. 

I was totally okay with this because I spent a week pretty much reading up on how to expect several million rejections before you get some good news. Odd thing was this particular agent was on twitter not 10 minutes later talking about how they blew through a large number of queries in an hour and only approved 6. Didn’t let that get me down,though I felt a little bad for the person who’s query they openly mocked using examples.

2010 has been a pretty positive year for me so far. I’m going to keep this positivity thing going and hope for the best… ?

Tally to Date —> 1 No!
                         3 Out in the Universe

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