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 Day 2


I woke up to a rejection in my inbox. Again, the turn around was pretty quick. This particular agent requested 2-4 weeks for an e-reply. They got back to me in 7 hours. I will be very honest, my query letter was too long and didn’t tell the right parts of the story. I lived, I learned, I went in search of help. For a few minutes the sensitive six year old in me wished they’d given it at least a whole day. The quick turn around made me think they skimmed a bunch of queries or simply didn’t read mine. In the end the mistake was mine.

Crappy Query = Rejection.

Anyway, I was over my own failing some time around 8:30 am. I need one agent, not all of the agents.  I sent my awesome bf off to work and got back on the query pony.

I resisted the urge to watch Say Yes To The Dress and did 4 things.

1: I went back in search of query letters that actually helped people land an agent. Book Ends LLC has a few sample query letters from their own clients and they are good. I hate mystery novels, but the two queries she posted from mystery writers were so good I’m going to read their books. (BELLC’s link is in the side bar –>)

2: I rewrote my query.

3: I had it critiqued.

4: I rewrote it again.

I ate lunch and folded towels in there somewhere. Then I drove across town listening to Passion Pit. All in, a good day. I’ve learned a ton in the past 12 hours and I’ll probably spend the rest of the night learning some more, while trying to stay away from conversations about Qhuinn and Blay and Manny and Payne. I always get sucked into those.

Tally to Date —> 2 No!
                         3 Out in the Universe 

Amateur Tip: Research query letters. Research ’em hard.

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