Where the Happily Ever Afters Are Always In Color

 Day 37

3 Quick Bits

Bits 1: I received another form rejection this morning. This one was extremely polite and a little bit inspirational, reminding me, the writer, that the literary world is very subjective and even though my work may not have been for them, there are still other agents out there who may be very excited to represent my work. And I believe it.

Bit 2: Some good news… M and I have officially decided to work on a screenplay together. She’s a pretty awesome person to be around in general and she’s an amazing writer. The idea of jumping into this project with her is keeping my spirits extra high as I pack for wedding #2. Overnight flight with a layover. YAY!

Bit 3: Here are a few pieces by the artist El Mac. His murals are all over the world, several spread around Southern California and a couple of which I pass daily in LA. He’s inspired a scene in my book (elmac.net). I would also give a solid lock of good hair to get cover art from this man.

Tally to Date — >4 Out in the Universe
                         7 No!

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  1. stephwo says:

    Those murals kinda make me wanna move to L.A.

  2. Lipsmacked says:

    his art takes me to another place for sure. go to his website. the mentions places to find his murals.

  3. bethanyward says:

    Those murals are beautiful!

    Good luck with both the queries and the screenplay! 🙂

  4. Lipsmacked says:

    thanks Bethany! 🙂

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