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 Day 82


I’m still waiting on replies, so no tales of rejection woe this time around, but I still have things to share.

It’s been a really long week, but a good week. I hopped in to a few great chats with other authors and agents on twitter and got to hear my 5 month old nephew mumble nonsense on the phone. I added a bunch of books to my to-read list, which is pretty much a book geeks foreplay. AM I WRONG??

I would also like to get these sneakers for my Wonder Woman shelf. Not to wear.

Today, I came home to a wonderful package from my friend, Margie. A group of us, who have been buddies since kindergarten, started a Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants if you will. GO AHEAD. LAUGH. We are all drastically different sizes, (starting at 16 and sliding all the way down to what I’m pretty sure is a child’s medium) so the pants thing made no sense. We send a giant red photo album around and fill it with deeply personal letters and pictures of our lives since we last had the book. Margie had the book for a year, but she added some great stuff and has been forgiven. I wrote my letter and it will go out with some pictures of my boyfriend wearing a really small hat and a sample of my writing on Monday morning. It’s corny, but in the three years we’ve been sending the book around, its been pretty cool to see how things have changed in such a short amount of time.

Tonight I’m writing. Tomorrow, more writing and maybe going to Zuma Beach. Sunday I’m going to the West Hollywood Book Fair which should be great, then watching some fooootball. 

Writey-wise, I’m 6k into my next book. Hopefully that will turn into muchmorek by Sunday night.

HI NEW FOLLOWERS. It’s lovely to see the two of you. ? Enjoy my favorite song of the week.

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  1. Jamal has randomly started singing your new fav song…WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?!?!?! AAHHHHHH!!!! Send me earplugs STAT!!

    On a happier note, 6k…YAY!!!! Go Beks!!!

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