Where the Happily Ever Afters Are Always In Color

 Day 134


I haven’t update this blog in almost a month because, guess what, I’m still waiting to hear back from a particular agency. I should know something by December 20th and hopefully this will turn into a blog about how my awesome book is about to be published. I’m 20,000 words into my next book and seeing more and more that I really am a sucker for a happy ending.

In the past 28 days the following things have been consuming my thoughts and my time. Some of them actually have to do with my writing.

laundry. college loans. my car. virgin america. the hampton inn. black nail polish. dogs. kittens. homemade pie. new jeans. old jeans. the cost of jeans. car insurance. boardwalk empire. jackie, evie, john III and jacob.  cartoons. screenplays. my imdb STARmeter. old friends. crappy friends. reese peanut butter cups. nipple piercings. pregnancy. cheese. lover unleashed. lavryle spencer. /s/. irene. getting my money back from jae. false advertising. cover art. mainstream success. wolf tales. mother-in-laws.

tattoos. the swedish. giada at home. domestic violence. the woman at ralphs who made me a delicious turkey club. google maps. gluten. back fat. coupons. good old-fashioned lover boy. my morning jacket. finding the woman who lets her pug use the rug in front of the elevator as its toilet. black on asian racism. wonder woman. gem stone appraisal. snickers. debt. starbursts. jordans. a dark room of my very own. liars. melissa etheridge. the crazies. sarah palins vocab. amazon.com. evil wylie. kissing. Airborne (1993). j-walking. mochi. lima beans. food in general. light bulbs. npr. acne. ginger and camila. fandango. stress fractures. #unfat2010. def leppard. ABBA. Prince. front end damage. vegas. arson. neville. green apples. kick boxer. pre-marital affairs. food poisoning. frontin’. the art of being fancy. cards. ikea. bikes. 10-South. snow. dishwashers. trust funds. ethnic nannies.  lexus’s limited engagement. adderall. doing it. potlucks. ms. HAIR.

oprah. unemployment. key grips and electricians. my sister. sloan parker. baba. parent/teacher conferences. NYC. Huffington Post. christmas trees. bacon. oil based lube. tantus toys. el mac. adam hughes. my boyfriend’s mohawk. triathlons. single dads. lumberjacks. firetrucks. rite aid. the shake weight. angelia jolie’s face. tera. female ejaculate. amber rose.teaching. brie larson. radio shack. nelson franklin. scooter. poop. SUV hybrids. africa. the homeless. black presidents. natural hair. lip gloss. feet. bald women. rick james. oranges. call of duty. fat stupid garbage. the pedo bear. facebook. humility. crayola. boots. vasily. Dora voice over disputes. TMZ. auto-trader.com. regular show. stoners. t-pain and toshiba. russia. beards. wolves. the general. sleep. current tv. annie and oksana ?.

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  1. Shouldn't Amber Rose be on that list too?

  2. Beks says:

    she is. right after female ejaculate. look closer.

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