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I’d like to say thank you to the amazing Jolie Du Pre for opening the invitation to join this amazing hop.

It’s fitting that this hop would fall on Valentine’s Day. So far my vampires are hopelessly in love. They kick ass when they need to, but the love their humans so much that some times they don’t have time to crack heads and this is where I’ve run into a problem. Well maybe not a problem. Something to consider that would make my books even better.

I read my reviews. I most certainly believe that reviews are for other readers, so I don’t and would never respond to them, but recently a reader left a review that got me thinking. Maybe my vampires are too nice. The other night, while up in bed this is how I pictured them with their humans.

Camila and Ginger

Cleo and Benny
I need less of this ^^^ and more of this. –>
Camila and Cleo are bad ass. Both would throw down in a heartbeat, but I think I love them so much and I love them SOOO much with Ginger and Benny that I forget sometimes that they are vampires. This is the tricky part about writing paranormal romance. I’m turned off by violence, but it’s different when it’s being committed by the undead. I’ve never been courted by a violent vampire before. I mean I have violence in both Better Off Red and Blacker Than Blue. One college student didn’t live through it all and there was mention or rape and suicide and other violent acts. People get choked. Benny and Cleo have a rather unpleasant and scarring run in with a very powerful demon, but there wasn’t enough carnage. WELL THIS STOPS NOW!
My vampires are blood thirsty and better yet, they do live in a world, our world, that is speckled with very evil humans. In my next book, Soul to Keep, I’m turning things around. The body count will rise, IN DETAIL. People will be killed. There might be a possession and an exorcism, even though I hate exorcisms. Feelings will be hurt and not to spare my own. There will be a vampire fight scene. Maybe even a throw down between a vampire and a human (not maybe. definitely. i already outlined it).
I have mixed feelings about Tokyo, my next vampire. She’s a total dick. But she is also bad ass and this time I am determined to let her crack some skulls. Well, more skulls that Camila and Cleo have thus far cracked. 
ps. i looked for a picture of a demonic looking vampire and was hit was 1000 results of Edward Cullen and the guys from Vampire Diaries. What a world! 🙂
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  1. Sorry but Edward Cullen or the guys from Vampire Diaries — no demonic qualities at all.

    You're right — what a world!

    Nice to meet you via the VBBH!

    I agree, vampires need to be bad ass!

  2. Sorry, I love all vampires, from bad to nice! true, the bad ass are cooler but I don't discriminate 😉

  3. The least the search could have given you was Angel – at least he had demonic qualities :). I think there is a place for good vampires and a place for evil vampires and mixing it up is always fun.

  4. Jolie du Pre says:

    Yeah, this theme of the nice vs evil vampire has been explored in many of the Vampire Bite Blog Hop posts, and I like that. Meyer pissed me off with throwing her morality into her vampire books. Vampires kill – so let them kill. I love a gorgeous vampire, but let him (or her) act like a vampire. I think it's a good thing, Rebekah, that you're leaving your comfort zone and throwing some violence into your next book. Sex, violence, romance – they can all go together.

  5. Rebekah says:

    Angel didn't even show up! 🙂

  6. Rebekah says:

    Thanks Jolie! I think it will make the story so much better.

  7. Rebekah says:

    Oh I do too. I just need to add more badies to my own work 🙂

  8. Hahaha! Those have to be the least demonic vampires out there! I love the look of your F/F pairings. Best of luck!
    authorangelicadawson at gmail.com

  9. For a fierce female vampire, how about Edvard Munch's "The Vampire" (the artist who also painted "The Scream")

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