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HAPPY FRIDAYHey! Things have been kind of crazy in my non-writing life, (stupid life and it’s happening and crap). I’ve been self-medicating with Sleepy Hollow, Elementary, and hours and hours of Spartacus, but I’ve been working on getting back on track. I’m working on a story that I’m calling TOUCH. I don’t want to promise anything in terms of date of completion because I may have to stop working on it to punch out the next in the Vampire Sorority Sisters series, but we’ll see.

In other, more exciting news!!!!! I was slightly terrified about people reading At Her Feet. The subject matter is a wee taboo. I know people within the BDSM community who aren’t down the it, but so far the feedback has been awesome. I want to say Thank You to everyone who has picked it up so far and given it a try.

Jim Lyons at the Seattle P-I posted this review this week, calling At Her Feet “the best and most original book that I have read in any genre for a very long time.”

JJ over at Rainbow Book Reviews had some wonderful things to say about At Her Feet as well. AND THEN! She went and read my other books and wonderful things to say about them too. Check out her kind words.

Better Off Red Review

Blacker Than Blue Review

The Fling Review

I nearly missed the next bit, but At Her Feet was also listed with thew new releases on the USAToday Happy Ever After page. Extra cool considering how many books are released each week. It’s a lot of books.


Blacker Than Blue is a finalist in the Rainbow Reader Awards. Not too bad, I say. :) I’ll try to post more updates on TOUCH in the coming weeks.

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  1. Rebekah,

    I am honored that you included links to all my reviews of your incredible books. You are a treasure beyond measure.

    I’m on the lookout for all your future works and it is really fun to peek in via facebook and twitter at your kick-ass / fun world!

    All the best.


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