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 Bring on the FIT!


FitTeaserCoverHoly moly, it’s been a while since I’ve blogged. Well I’m back and I’ve got presents! Today kicks off the 29 day (30 would have made more sense, but you see how organized I am) countdown to the release of FIT (#1 in the Fit Trilogy). If you haven’t added it to your to-read list on goodreads you totally should :) . For the next month I’ll be doing #LineADay teasers on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and on this here blog. I’ll also be giving away copies of FIT and some fun book swag. Check in with me everyday for the rest of the month or every few days. Or like once. Either way, you’ll catch something fun for FIT! But first it’s only appropriate to introduce you to my lovers. Meet Grant and Violet.

gnvthe1Special thanks to Allison Teng of Curvy Girl Chic for letting me use her as Violet’s face-spiration. If you haven’t check out Allison’s site you totally should. Her sense of style is freaking amazing! Also keep in mind that FIT is is Violet’s journey, not Allison’s. They only share a face ’cause Allison is so dang beautiful. :)

And since you were so nice to stop by I’ll leave you with the first #LineADay

#1: It was tempting to fall flat on the floor once Margaret called their final time, but Violet had to get out of there.

Hope you like!

p.s. At Her Feet is up for a Lambda Literary Award AND a Golden Crown Literary Award. That story was something I wrote knowing that it might not work for a lot of people. It’s amazing to see that it’s being received with so much love. Suzy&Pilar4Ever! ❤

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