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 Cover Reveal!


It has been a wild few months, let me tell you. But I won’t bore you with those details. How about I just give you the first look at FIT’s official cover! This baby looked so good on my iPad last night, I shed a few tears.


FIT is just two weeks away. Stay tuned for more reveals and giveaways!

And here are the lineAday bits so far, if you haven’t been keeping up ;)

#1 – It was tempting to fall flat on the floor once Margaret called their final time, but Violet had to get out of there.

#2 – She knew when a guy was flirting, and Grant climb-me-like-a-tree-and-shake-all-my-branches Gibson was definitely flirting.

#3 – He scanned her eyes for a sign of silent hesitation, but when she released a short breath, almost a sigh, he knew she was on board

#4 – She could run, but he’d already seen her. Grant waved. Violet wavedback. Oh God. What the hell was she doing?

#5 – When he slipped the black fabric over her eyes, Violet took a deep breath.

# 6 – This girl-talk was about to get serious. Violet had to tell someone what was going on with Grant or she was going to burst.

#7 – Grant wasnt opposed to mixing his primary business with pleasure. He’d slept with clients before and he was sure he’d do it again.

#8 – He was used to socialites and actresses, not East Coast girls with childhood complexes…

#9 – “She liked to steal. She maxed out two of my credit cards and then, when I broke up with her, she tried to take my dog.”

#10 – “Spread your thighs.” She pulled her knees apart, making room for him to step a bit closer. “Wider.”

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