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‘Kay ya’ll it’s time to meet Alexis. 😀 As some of you might know, I sort of gave birth to TREASURE on tumblr. I had the idea rolling around in my mind and worked out how I wanted to write it in a series of rambling posts with gifs that garnered a nice little bit of support. So I went for it.

I can’t write a story, as I’ve mentioned a million times, without a clear picture of the character in my head. I’ll tell you right now that this is often a problem for me when I write a wide array of culturally diverse characters, not to mention characters of varying body types. Alexis was sooooo hard, because she’s still trying to work out her gender representation and her overall style. Here’s who I came up with. Sidenote: it’s also really hard to get these character facespirations to stick when sometimes years go by between first draft and publication ’cause, yeah, these people tend to age. See Gemma Arterton who I picked for Ginger in Better Off Red. Ginger is forever 19 and Gemma, not so much. Stupid time. Anyway here’s my Alexis.

maya-moore1Maya Moore 2Some of you may know Maya Moore from her days at UConn or in her current role in the WNBA. Maya is a smooth 25 right now, not 18 like my main character, but as soon as I saw her picture I thought THAT’S ALEXIS! It’s her cheeks I think. She manages to be gorgeous and adorable. And she’s 6’0. My kind of woman!

Have you read Treasure yet? Do you have your own head canon for Alexis? Or got any other lady facespiration for your favorite female characters you want to share? Leave it the comments and win a copy of TREASURE!


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  1. Morgayne says:

    Hi, I’m enjoying learning about your writing process and how it is character-driven. Different from mine in that mine is story-driven. And I love how you find real people so as to get a good visual of your character. Thanks for writing!

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