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Welcome to Day 3! I was thinking about what I wanted to share with you all this week, this glorious WEEK OF TREASURE, and while there’s plenty more coming down the pipeline (TREASURE has a playlist, people. oh, it’s coming) today I wanted to share some New Adult authors I think readers should keep an eye out for. After all, TREASURE is only one novella. I’m sure you’ll want more to read once you’re through with Trisha and Alexis’s introduction to love and computer science.

I’ll keep this brief so you can go stock your shelves or your ereader. Oh and there’s a chance to win one of three copies of TREASURE down there at the bottom. 😀





Victoria H. Smith – Victoria has spent the last few years spreading the gospel of New Adult fiction and I love her for her it. I’d start with THE SPACE BETWEEN (its $0.00 on kindle right now) and then just roll around in a pile of the rest of her titles. 😀








Nell Stark – Nell brings a raw honesty to her characters that I love. Homie knows how to write a coming story too. I started with HOMECOMING, but THE PRINCESS AFFAIR involves an actual princess so…(Lesbian/Multicultural)








Rhonda Helms – Rhonda has been another amazing advocate for the New Adult community. I’m looking forward to her next title, BREAK YOUR HEART, but you can pick her other titles like ONE BROKE GIRL and TWO LITTLE LIES now. (Hetero/Multicultural)








Jeanette Grey – Grey knows how to combine the right amount of angst with the perfect among of sexy times. I loved Jeanette’s TAKE WHAT YOU WANT and am equally excited to check out her gay NA romance, GET WHAT YOU WANT. (Hetero/Gay)





Dark Paradise cover



Angie Sandro – So Angie came on the scene with one of my favorite covers of the year. Covers sell books, people, but when I read the blurb for DARK PARADISE I knew I had to have this book in my life. DP is available now, along with DARK SACRIFICE and DARK REDEMPTION, #2 and 3 in the series. (Hetero/Multicultural)







Rachel Spangler – For me, Rachael’s stories nail setting and emotion while grounding the reader’s experience in everyday life. Check out her title, LoveLife with a main character who I found to be HUGELY relatable. (Lesbian)








Bonus Recommendation:

PUT AWAY WET by Susan Smith. This erotic NA romance is SMOKING HOT! read it.(Lesbian)




So tell me what NEW ADULT you’ve been reading. Got something on your TBR list you can’t wait to check out? OR better yet, are you aching for a pairing, character or situation you haven’t seen yet? HIT THOSE COMMENTS! I’m giving away THREE copies of Treasure today!


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  1. Hello Rebekah,
    I just finished Once the Clouds have Gone by KE Payne. I am about to start At Water’s Edge by Harper Bliss. It is not her typical burning hot masterpieces and I can not wait to start.

    Your Treasure looks fantastic! I hope I can win a copy.

    Thanks for the recommendations!!

  2. Gill says:

    To be honest I have never read any new adult, but I was presented with this opportunity so I would like to dip my toes into the water. This looks like a great starting/opportunity to start off with!

  3. Cheryl says:

    My tbr list includes Nell Stark and Rachel Spangler. Treasure looks like a great read.

  4. Ruth says:

    Tethered by LD Davis. I love the heroine, Donya. She is strong but flawed. She owns up to her mistakes.

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