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HOLY CRAP A LOT HAPPENED IN MAY!!! Allow me to share. :D After SATED hit the ground running, I had about three minutes to get my mind together before I headed off to the 2015 Romantic Times Convention or #RT15 as the kids were calling it on the twitter, but let’s back it up.

Before that happened, I had…well it wasn’t an epiphany, more like a sort of psychotic break and started WOCInRomance.

11200620_351261735085160_9079973803465364104_nI say psychotic break because the idea was born from anger, or a sweet bit of that rage. Romance fiction is so wonderful and even with great initiatives like #WeNeedDiverseBooks (which seems to focus more on Young Adult fiction) and #WeNeedDiverseRomance (which focuses more on colors of characters in romance fiction) I was still seeing a huge hole in the push to right some of the pretty obvious racism and homophobia in the publishing industry. While the race, ethnicity, sexuality, and gender identity of the characters matter greatly to me, these factors in the authors matter to me more. Why? Because we’re the ones who have to live these lives. And we are also the ones with bills to pay. In short, I want women of color writing romance fiction to take home deals and checks comparable to our white counterparts. The end.

Hitting the social media platforms twitter, tumblr and Facebook, WOCInRomance was created to promote Romance fiction written by women of color. In 24 short hours I was able to connect with literally hundreds of authors who are actively writing a wide range of Romance Fiction. I’ve found so many awesome titles I know I’ll be reading well into the grave. If you have any titles to share, please hit me up.


I made my way to Dallas for #RT15, cause ya see, FIT (#1 in the Fit Trilogy) won the RT Books Reviews Reviewers’ Choice Award for Erotic Romance Novella. Isn’t she pretty!

tumblr_noidzmDbD91spami8o3_1280The whole night was a blur mostly because I was trying not to throw up. When I got my wits back, I had a great time hanging out with other romance authors and readers. And not so side note: out of the 50+ of winners, only 4 WOC won awards. Again, publishing across the board has some work to do.

While at #RT15 I got to participate in this super fun list from the folks at Buzzfeed. AND THEN! I was interviewed by JEZEBEL’s Kelly Faircloth about Diversity in romance. Can I just say that seeing your named on JEZBEL (in a positive light) is pretty freaking awesome. I also met up with high school buddy Jane Erwin. Isn’t she pretty! Honestly Jane, kept me sane in the whirlwind of romance madness. EVERYONE NEEDS A JANE!

tumblr_noidzmDbD91spami8o7_1280Things have quieted down a little and by a little I mean not at all. The minute I got home I got my cover for SOUL TO KEEP. I suppose I should keep writing it.

SoulToKeepCoverSo that’s where we’re at now. #RWA15 is right around the corner and this lady has a book to finish. More soon!

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