Where the Happily Ever Afters Are Always In Color

Greetings from the Big Apple! Smack in the middle of #RWA15 and boy, are my feet tired. I’ve been traveling since Saturday and have learned real quick that my regular 8pm bedtime is to be respected, but I’m having too much fun hanging with authors in person (FINALLY) and of course, picking up books.

Last week I asked that all of us, readers/authors/bloggers/editors etc alike really make an effort to support diversity in romance fiction. My reading purchases have been pretty dang diverse since I started reading romance, but I wanted to get out in the streets, so to speak, and support, support, support.

So I put on the least sensible pair of walking shoes I have (I’ll never walk around in Chucks all day again) and hit the “Readers For Life” Literacy Signing and bought, bought, bought. Here’s my haul. You might see what they have in common (psssst they’re all by diverse authors).Syr9SREnm5Q9wLYFu_cvKiT_9z5beAHd_0GRhDZmEwHI-0MfOSj9rR7qPkfdO4Lhc3ADObwdeK76jMhON28gZNdHrW_cOOGaAx-kA1_mMFURWzm1Bf32TzqNk6vZXg0Ift3odCM8yTaTYDQB5N8aVWq6Nq0WcZHPTThKzf84oXDIE_ok0kxGcP8dvdavqVv5IBU0LAMlMtbYewNnPmyVFPEelrnjI’m staying with family and the moment I returned for the night, my aunt looked at my haul and told me straight up she was stealing all my books! I’m going arm wrestle her for them before I fly home. We’ll see who wins. #RWA15 keeps rolling along and I’ve already had some great conversations about changes in publishing. Today I’m heading back to the conference with the objective of picking up some additional books for my baby cousin. Stay tuned for a final update! :D


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