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It’s time!! Day 1 of the Valentine’s Rewind. Thank you so much to Tamsen and Rebecca for letting me be apart of this awesome hop and giving me a chance to catch up with two of my favorite characters. Let’s see what Keira and Daniel from SATED: #3 in the Fit Trilogy have been up to.


Daniel waited by the front entrance of the condo for his friend to let him in. He looked down one more time, smoothing his tie and straightening his jacket. He wanted to look good for his date. A few seconds later the door swung open.

“Hey, man,” Grant said. “Come on in. She’s almost ready.”

“Thanks.” They crossed the courtyard and went up the few steps to the unit Grant shared with his girlfriend and baby mama, Violet. Daniel and Keira had sprinted to the altar after a few short months together, but Grant and Violet were doing things their way, taking their time in some respects and barreling over their friends in others, if their kid wasn’t enough proof of their progress into real adulthood. Daniel was just glad they were home on Valentine’s night so he could give his wife the gift she wanted, the way she wanted it.

Daniel followed Grant inside, and joined him on the couch. The Lakers were playing on the flat screen TV.

“Jack got his little pudgy hooks in her and I had to remind her that you were still coming to pick her up.”

Daniel laughed. “Thanks man. She’s easily distracted, but it’s part of her charm. You guys gonna do anything tonight?”

“Nope. I ordered Italian from this place Violet loves. They should be here in a bit, but we’re just staying in, praying for four consecutive hours of sleep.”

“Man, I feel like such a dick. We could have given you guys the night off. We would have stayed with Jack.”

“Never woulda happened,” Grant said just as Violet came walking into the room with their four month old son snoozing on her chest. “Babe, Daniel offered to babysit.”

Violet let out a snort of laughter. “Yeah, no. Nice try buddy.”

“What?” Grant said with his own shock of laughter. “He offered.”

“With Keira, of course,” Daniel added. “I’m not really that good with kids.”

“Neither am I,” Grant said. Daniel wasn’t sure if he was joking.

Violet opened the fridge and took out a bottle of water. “Give me a few more months, when this lunatic level of separation anxiety goes away. Then we’ll ditch you with our kid at least once a month.”

“I’m holding you to that,” Daniel said.

Violet held out the bottle of water for Grant open. He stood instead. “Vi, you’ve been holding him for hours. Give yourself break.”

She didn’t hesitate, but Daniel saw something dark cross over her face as she handed the baby to Grant.

“Daniel, would you like anything to drink?” she asked, rolling her shoulders.

“Nah, I’m okay. Thank you.”

“Let me go see if I can help move Keira along.” Violet disappeared back down the hall toward their bedroom. Grant sat back on the couch, moving Jack on to his back across his lap. Jack stirred a bit, but settled immediately as Grant gave him a few rhythmic, gentle pats. Daniel watched as Grant’s massive hand dwarfed the child’s tiny body.

“She’s thinks she’s going to screw him up if she’s not Super Mom every second of every day.”  

Daniel felt bad. He couldn’t imagine the stress of parenthood. He and Keira were just enjoying each other.

“So you got Trent to help out tonight?” Grant asked.

“Yeah, I owe him big.”

“Nice,” Grant said. “She’s gonna love it.”

Just then Daniel heard Keira’s voice and the sound of her heels clicking down the hall. He almost lost his breath when he saw her.

She stopped the second she laid eyes on him then did a little spin in place. The tiny royal blue dress looked great on her toned body. “How do I look?”

“You’re right. I shouldn’t have picked you up at home.”

“See? I mean we live together. It’s not a date date if you pick me up where we both live. But I look good, right?”

His wife spent most of her time working at the gym, in spandex and sweats. She claimed she hated dressing up unless it was cosplay, but he could tell she knew she looked great.

“You look amazing, baby. Let’s get going.” They said goodbye to their friends and headed out to Daniel’s car.

As soon as they walked out the door, Keira grabbed Daniel’s hand between both her palms. She was practically bouncing as they walked back out to the street.  “So we’re both dressed up. You look so hot, oh my god. I love that suit. Where are we going?”

“I made us reservations at Samba.”

“Oh, that steakhouse?”

“The very one. I know you wanted to check it out.”

“And after?”

“You’ll just have to see.”

Keira had turned into an topnotch switch, complimenting Daniel’s need to submit and dominate perfectly, but tonight was his night to top and he was going to do it right.

They drove across town, toward the beach, and Daniel listened as Keira told him about her day with her clients at the gym in her typical  animated fashion. Daniel barely said a word, but he felt himself smiling as he snuck glimpses of her beautiful face. He had his prosthetic arm on so he couldn’t touch her skin to skin while he drove, but she made up for it, rubbing his thigh over his suit pants. He’d deal with his slowly growing erection once they got to the valet stand.

Dinner was delicious and his date, the perfect company. He vented a little about stress at work and he listened as she talked about some online drama she and her friend, Lori had had with racist women in their fandom. It never crossed his mind that he might fall for someone who was so passionate about science fiction and the characters she found in the genres many mediums, but he loved how involved she got in every aspect of her favorite shows and comics. He was married to a thorough geek and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

His chest warmed when she opened the gift he picked up the week before, an aquamarine pendant to match her engagement ring and a copy of the most recent companion book for her favorite television show, Galaxis. Thanks to his brother being on the show, the whole cast had signed it.

After he opened the custom six thousand piece puzzle she’d had made— a giant selfie of the two of them redrawn by one of her favorite comic book artists—he was ready to get on with the rest of their night.

“I’m going to hit the restroom and then we’ll go,” he said, rubbing his lips along Keira’s knuckles. It was dark in the restaurant, but he knew her cheeks were heating under his intense stare.

“Okay,” she said bashfully. Just the sweet sound of her voice was making him hard. He was going to fuck her so good.

He stood and leaned over to kiss her lips and then he whispered their key word in her ear. “Quality Assurance.”

Daniel felt her tense and he knew she’d gotten the green light message he was trying to send her. Their scene had started. He left Keira at the table, weaving his way through dinning couples. He’d told Trent exactly what to say and exactly what to do. He’d wait until Daniel paid the bill by the bar and exited the restaurant. Then Trent would find Keira alone at the table. She knew Trent well and Daniel knew she’d be happy to see him. He worked  the door at The Club and Keira had grown close to him during their chats every time they arrived.

But Trent wasn’t her friend tonight. He was Daniel’s pretend henchman and Keira’s kidnapper sent to help fulfill her fantasy. He’d tell her not to make a scene, to gather their things and not ask any questions. Daniel pulled his car up outside of the restaurant, all fears that Keira had already foiled his scene dissipating when he saw Trent ushering her out the front door with a firm hand on her arm. The limo was waiting and Daniel watched as they both climbed inside.

In the few minutes it took for the limo to leave the curb, he knew Trent had followed his instructions, blindfolding Keira and binding her hands. Daniel would gag her himself later. They drove for about fifteen to the location he’d selected and Trent had helped him stage. He stepped out of his car. Just as the rear door to the limo opened. Her heard Keira’s desperate voice.

“Where are we? I demand you let me go.”

“I thought I told you to shut up,” Trent growled before he turned to Daniel and flashed him a huge grin complete with a thumbs up.

Trent carefully pulled Keira out of the back seat and hoisted her over his shoulder. She struggled a little bit, but went still when Daniel gripped her elegant curls.

“If you want to live, I suggest you cooperate.”

Kiera was quiet for a second or two as she lifted her head like she was trying to pinpoint exactly where Daniel was standing.

“Calhoune,” she hissed between her teeth. “I should have known it was you.”

“Quiet,” Daniel barked at her.

“Who the fuck is Calhoune?” Trent mouthed. Daniel shrugged, then nodded for Trent to take her inside. The room had been cleared of everything but a sturdy metal bed frame, a bare mattress, and a few other essentials he needed for their evening.

Once Keira was settled upright it was time for Trent to go. Daniel offered him a silent thanks and waited for him to leave before he started forcefully undressing his wife. She put up a bit of a fight, but in no time he had her completely naked and bound spread eagle to the bed.

Daniel slid on this fake eye patch he’d picked up at the dollar store, then grabbed the stool and pulled it right up to the edge of the bed. Then he ripped off Keira’s blindfold.

He watched as she blinked a few times, her eyes adjusting to the single bare light bulb that left him mostly in the shadows. If only he’d picked up some cigarettes that would have really added to the dramatics of it all.

“I’m warning you. People will be looking for me. Let me go.”

“I don’t think so, Miss Merrywether.” Since they were going with made up names. “You have to give me what I want.”

“I don’t owe you anything. Your father made his choice. He got the land and my father got the diamonds. They’re mine!”

“I’m so sorry you feel that way because we both know that isn’t true. You father was a thief and I’ve come to take back what’s mine.”

“I’ll never tell you where they are.” Keira thrashed her head to the side in the most ridiculous way and it took everything Daniel had in him not to laugh. She was always so over the top.

“I’ve tried playing nice with you. I tried to leave you out of this. I didn’t want to hurt you, but you’re leaving me no choice.” Daniel stood and walked around the foot of the bed, giving Keira a better view of him. He slowly pulled off his suit jacket and set it aside.

“I like the eye patch and you wore your stainless steel hook?” Daniel looked down at his prosthetic attachment which was usually a matte black hook. “You look so Bond-villainy,” she added with a giggle. With any other submissive Daniel would have been annoyed. Keira slipped in and out of scene like it was nobody’s business, but he knew a sure fire way to keep her focused.

He leaned over the bed until his face was only an inch or so above hers. Then he took her pussy in his  firm grip. She let out a little yelp, arching against him as her slick juices slid between his fingers. “I’m glad you find this so amusing,” Daniel said harshly. “I’m sure you’ll change your tune after we spend a few hours getting to know each other a little better.”

“I’ll never tell,” she said one last time, her voice near a whisper. “You can’t make me.”

“Oh, but I think I can.”

Daniel pressed his lips to hers, demanding her body respond to his with every probing swipe of his tongue. She resisted again, trying to turn her head away and but he won’t let up until she finally succumb to his violent attention. She relented with a pained groan and kissed him back.

Daniel let out a cruel chuckle, but didn’t break the contact as he continued to squeeze and rub her wet slit with his fingers. He was gentle when he drew his rounded hook down her side, then back up to trace her nipple. The light whimper she let out against his mouth only made his erection throb harder in his slacks.

He pulled away, looking Keira in the eye as she tried to refocus on his face. She licked her lips.

“Tell me where the diamonds are,” he insisted one more time.


“Then I’ll take what’s mine.”

Daniel stepped away from the bed and started to undress. He set aside his prosthesis and kicked off his dress shoes.

“No!” Keira cried out, thrashing some more.

“I gave you plenty of chances,” Daniel said as he unbuttoned his shirt. “I’m going to fuck you senseless, and then you’re going to give me what’s rightfully mine.” Once he was completely naked he undid the ties around Keira’s ankles. She flailed about, carrying on with her dramatic protest, but she was careful not to kick him by accident. Daniel joined her on the bed, gently pushing thighs apart so he could climb between her legs.

“Either way, I’m getting what’s mine,” he said one more time, just to drive his point home. He took her by the chin and kissed her with the same force as before. And she fought him again, pretending not to like the perfect way their mouths fix together—until the head of his cock entered her warm cunt. Her whole body arched off the bed, her legs spreading, her lips parting, giving Daniel all the access he could ever need. He fucked her deep and hard, kissing her deep and rough, driving both their bodies into the mattress, making the the bed frame clank against the wall. Keira cries drove him wild, only spurring him on.

“Daniel,” she begged breathlessly. “Untie me, please.”

Their scene wasn’t over, but he knew what she wanted. She wanted to touch him while they made love and he wanted the same. He stayed buried deep inside of her as he made quick work of the ties at the top of the bed. She’d have some marks on her wrist for a day or so, but no crazy bruises. As soon as she was free she looped her arms around his shoulders, using the new leverage she had fuck herself harder on his cock.

Keira came, an urgent, but choked, “Oh my gosh, oh gosh, fuck,” coming from her lips.  But Daniel kept going. He knew she had more to give. He continued to fuck her, making her come again and again until his balls swelled up on themselves and he filled her with his come. But still he wasn’t done.

Keira had coined it the Nasty Finish, and he wouldn’t end their scene until he’d gone through with it. He slid out of her body and rolled her so she was spooned against his chest, then he reached down and shoved three fingers into her pussy, coating his hand with his jizz. The swirling of his digits made her body contract and pulse around him again. Daniel groaned as he felt the final tiny orgasms shiver over her body. He pulled his fingers out and shoved them into Keira’s mouth. She licked and sucked at them, holding on to his wrist until she left his hand completely clean. She collapsed against his chest. Daniel held her, kissing her shoulder, giving them both a chance to catch their breath.

“Pizza.” She groaned out their safe word as she stretched her toned legs against his, signifying that she was done with the scene, which was fine with Daniel. He’d been sufficiently drained of all his fluids. He smoothed the loose hairs that had escaped away from her face, then kissed her temple.

“How did that work for you?” he asked. She’d been after this kidnapping scenario for months, but he wanted to wait for a special occasion.

“It was perfect. Thank you, baby. Where are we?” Keira asked in sleepy haze.

“Our house. Come on.” Daniel helped her up and opened the door to his home office that led out to the hallway.

“Where’d you put all your stuff?” she asked as she looked back into the mostly empty room that usually housed Daniel’s drafting tables and his video equipment. He and Trent had even blacked out the window.

“Garage. I wanted you to be right at home when we finished.” They walked into the kitchen, where Daniel had left the gifts they’d exchanged on the counter. He kissed her again then went over to the fridge to get her some water.

“You want some ice cream?” he asked. He’d already stocked the freezer with her favorite after sex treat.

“No, thank you. I just want you.” Keira took a deep chug then handed Daniel the glass. He finished it off then pulled her into his arms.

“I love you, Miss Merrywether.”

“Back at you, Calhoune,” she said as she gave his ass an affection squeeze.

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