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DABWAHA-LGuys, the DABWAHA tourney is on and so hot right now. I’ve made it to the next round and SO SWEET and I are up against Alyssa Cole and her amazing novella Let It Shine. Go vote for us and hit those buttons for Piper Huguley, Eva Leigh, Nalini Singh and Sonali Dev while you’re at it.

But I made a promise before we got to this place. I promised a teaser for SO RIGHT, so here it is. The plan is to have SO RIGHT out in May. (the fun part about self-publishing. deadlines? water deadlines?)

I hope you enjoy this little (completely unrevised so please forgive the typos) teaser that catches up with Michael and Kayla some months after the end of SO SWEET. 😀



Chapter One

I woke up feeling so good. I stretched, pulling the covers back up to my bare shoulders, basking in the warmth of our sheets. If you asked me a year ago if I was happy I would have said yes. A year ago, I had a job that took care of all my needs, and a cute apartment.  I had a roommate who I thought was a great friend, loving parents and twin siblings who thought I was the coolest big sister in the world. The parents still loved me and my sisters still thought I was pretty neat, but I’d lost my job, and then me and my roommate almost ran out of money and decided that the fine life of sugaring was right for us. It absolutely wasn’t, but I then I met him, Michael Bradbury, for real for real internet billionaire and now everything was different.

A year ago I didn’t know butt from crap about happiness. Now, I had a job I actually wanted. The roommate who turned out to be less than a friend was out of my life. With a little help from said billionaire I was able to rescue my best friend Daniella from her boring corporate job at Telett Wireless and together we had opened Cards by K&D, a greeting card company for the millennial set. Our first line, Queer Qards by K&D, was due to launch in a few months at L.A. Pride. I had no idea just how awesome it could be to work for yourself. That make me pretty damn happy. And then there was Michael.

On the surface, Michael and I made no damn sense. There was the age gap and the bank account gap, and the fact that some dudes don’t like girls as thick and juicy as me, and some black girls like me didn’t mess with older white guys, but beneath it all we were both just two big nerds who got excited about bad food and things like graphic design and user experience. Before him I had no idea what it felt like to be so in love. I had no idea what it was like to be in a relationship with someone so considerate and so kind. Now when people waxed poetic about soulmates and true partners I knew they weren’t lying because I had found that in Michael.

He also asked me to move in with him so now I had an even nicer, cuter place to live.

I rolled over to the sound of his fingers moving across his keyboard. Didn’t matter if we had a late night or not, didn’t matter that it was Saturday either, for Michael, every morning it was early to rise and right to work. The sun was up and I’m sure birds were chirping somewhere, I just couldn’t hear them through the double-paned windows of his Malibu home. Our home. The smell of breakfast was starting to waft down the hall made the perfect scene complete.

We had plans for our Saturday morning, adorable couple thing to do, but it was still too early for Michael to look so good. His long black hair was sporting a few more grays, catching up with his salt and pepper beard and mustache. His thick locks were down, falling around his shoulders, hanging down his back, still all messed up from the great sex we’d had the night before. I knew I was still feeling the effects of our love making turned rowdy fucking. My thighs were a bit sore, and my pussy was still wet. It was a bird chirping kind of day.

“Good morning,” I said, my voice a little scratchy from sleep. I couldn’t help but smile when he glanced over at me. Those blue eyes.

“Morning, baby. Are you excited?” His lips tipped up a bit at the corner, his version of a smile. He was always so calm and introspective. Only a few people in his life got to see the real thing. Only I got to see him this naked.

“Do you want you my honest answer?”

“No. Lie to me. All day long. I hate honesty in a woman.”

“I know. Liars are where it’s at. Um, yeah. I’m stupid excited.”

“Well then. I think we should get going.” He leaned over and lightly kissed my cheek before he closed his laptop and slid it down to the foot of our massive bed. I’d just recently started calling it our bed. And our house. I’d been living with Michael in his sprawling modern home in Malibu for almost ten months, but it took me a long time to get over the fact that I wasn’t just a visitor. I lived with my boyfriend and it was totally fine for me to make myself comfortable.

And I would have been completely comfortable if Michael’s house—our house— wasn’t ninety-seven percent glass. The massive windows that made up most of the exterior walls afforded an amazing view of that ocean and the mountains of Malibu, but at night it also felt like a horrifying glass box that was just begging to be burgled. Michael traveled a lot, leaving me alone with his housekeeper, Holger.

I loved Holger’s big German ass, but when he was done with his work for the day, his time was his and he spent that time in the pool house. I couldn’t ask him to spend the night up in the main house every night Michael was away. He didn’t get paid to babysit me. We had a big fence and a gate that could only be opened with a seven digit code, and Holger could probably hear me screaming if an intruder got by all of that, but there was only one thing that would make me feel completely safe, and Michael agreed.

I reached under the sheets and drew my freshly manicured nails up his toned thigh. “Is Holger still mad?”

“Do you want to go feel him up like this? Butter him up a little?”

“I would if I thought it would work.”

“It’s that serious, huh?”

“Yes. Baby. We need a puppy.”

“You’re right,” he said with a firm nod. He pursed his lips. “We should get some food in that belly and then hit the road.”

I watched Michael as he climbed out of bed, leaving my hand sad and lonely on the warm spot he left in the sheets. I took every inch of him in. The curtains were drawn, but our bedroom was nicely lit by the morning sun. That body. It was sinful for a man at any age. Stacked, perfect ass. Muscles and tattoos, tan skin dusted with dark hairs in all the right place. He came around my side of the bed, heavy dick hanging between his legs, probably a little hard from the way I had just been touching his leg. He headed toward the bathroom, and a shower, I guessed, but like he said we still had plenty of time before the shelters opened.

I reached out and caught his fingertips before he could get away. He stopped walking and looked down at me. “Am I being too demanding if I ask you to come back to bed?” I asked.

“It depends on what you want me to do if I get back in bed.” He moved a little closer and toyed with my fingers.

“Share your penis with me,” I said with a pout, watching as his eyes narrowed with just the slightest bit of annoyance.

“Last night, after you came the third time—”

“The fourth. What? I came like five times really, but like four big ones. But do go on. You were saying,” I said smiling back with  my toothiest grin.

“After you came, I was nowhere near done, but last night when we were coming back from dinner, what did you tell me?”

“I may have said that I wanted to get up early so we could be the first ones to the shelter.”

“That’s exactly what you said. You can’t keep toying with my penis like this.” He put his hands on his perfectly sculpted hips. I looked him up and down, starting at those hips and then down lower to the erection that looked like it wanted to come out to play. My eyes wandered up some more to the massive eagle tattoo whose wings cover half his chest and half of his back. And further to his perfectly full lips.

“I’m sorry I’m so mean. Here, let me repay you before we go.” I gave his hand a solid tug and pulled him back on under the covers with me. When he was comfortable I did the only sensible thing and climbed on top of him. It took nothing to slide a little lower so my pussy was rubbing along the length of his quickly hardening dick. My eyes closed as his hands traced the length of my spine. I shifted against him some more, growing wetter every second.

“I’ll stop being an asshole,” I said quietly before I leaned down and kissed his perfect lips. There was faint hint of sweetened coffee on his breath. I didn’t give him shit for being up and caffeinated.

“Good,” he said when I pulled back just enough. “You know I’ll give you whatever you want.” I was being an ass still, teasing him, rubbing myself up and down all over him.

“And I’ll give you whatever you want.”

“Then stop fucking teasing me.” That was enough to make me come, how he could from sweet to filthy in no seconds flat,

“I think I need some assistance.”

“You always seem to catch me in my most charitable moods. Let me see what I can do for you.”

His hands moved down to my waist, lifting me just enough so my wet slit opened for him. He was big and thick, but every time my pussy took every inch of him.

I sat up just enough to place my hard nipples right on his mouth, my breath rushing through my teeth as he teased me with his tongue. I couldn’t help but ride him hard, couldn’t resist fucking myself fast and rough on his thick length.

This was what Saturday mornings were for. Caffeinated kisses and perfect sex.

“Did I mention how excited I am? We’re getting a dog, dude,” I said as the first hints of an orgasm slid over me. Michael’s laughter sputtered around my boob.

“Kayla. Please. Focus.” His teeth scraped my tender skin and then he bit down. There was no way Holger didn’t hear me coming in the kitchen.


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