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Heey! So it’s been a while and if you don’t follow me on the twitter you might have missed a few updates from my neck of the woods.

Update # 1: I am now working with Holly Root at Root Literary. Holly is a damn rockstar and in the few months we’ve been working together we’ve already sold a project to Kensington Books!

Deal Announcement! : For Kensington, Esi Sogah took world rights to a new trilogy by Rebekah Weatherspoon called the Cowboys of California. Agent Holly Root at Root Literary said the western romance series is “set on a black-owned luxury dude ranch,” and the first book, A Cowboy to Remember, is “a twist on ‘Sleeping Beauty’ featuring a celebrity chef stricken with amnesia reunited with her high school crush.” A Cowboy to Remember is set for winter 2020.

I am so so excited for you guys to meet the Pleasant Brothers and their lady loves. Look for updates under the hashtag #PrincesOfCharming

Update #2 and the real reason you’re here:  A few years ago I brainstormed a series idea with the awesome Holley Trent (you can buy her books HERE) and then the election happened and my usual black woman survival mode was amped up to a 13. Neither of us had the energy for the collaboration while trying to do life and work on our other scheduled books, but I couldn’t let go of the characters I’d brainstormed for the first installment. With Holley’s blessing I decided to tackle it again. Revamped the whole thing from the bottom up and here we are. Check out the cover for RAFE: A Buff Male Nanny coming October 2, 2018.



BLURB: All Dr. Sloan Copeland needed was someone to watch her kids. What she found was the man of her dreams…

**This stand-alone romance is fluffy. So fluffy. It’s fluff. Low. Angst. Fluff. featuring a large tatted, motorcycle riding ginger man, who bakes a mean bacon quiche and knows exactly how to wrangle clever five year olds while making their mom feel loved, loved, loved.**

Character Inspiration for Sloan & Rafe (photos do not belong to me)

Character Inspiration for Sloan & Rafe
(photos do not belong to me)

This a sweet, sexy stand alone features a hero that just wants to make a woman’s life easier. CAN I GET AN AMEN! I can’t wait for you guys to meet Rafe, Sloan and her daughters. While it is a stand alone, Shae, Sarah and Meegan from Wrapped do make an appearance that will set the stage for Meegan’s WAY over due romance. I also maybe, might introduce the woman who I will eventually pair with Mason, Silas’s cousin from Sanctuary. Eeeee!

AND  Update #3: I’m even more excited to be launching this book along side Zoey Castile and her amazing romance STRIPPED! at The Ripped Bodice. For the first time you will be able to pre-order a signed copy of my new release. I will also be signing copies of my other books (sans TREASURE and Wrapped cause they’re not in print.) For updates check the hashtag #BuffMaleNanny.

See, a lot has been going on. I’m just so glad to be able to share it all with you. Now let’s all get through these midterms!

xoxo – Rebekah

PS BEARDS & BONDAGE 3 is still in the works. Brooklyn will get her story, dang it! I’ve already started it, I just need to allow myself a complete emotional break down in order to access something close to the stress she’s experiencing in this book. But don’t worry it’s coming.

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