Where the Happily Ever Afters Are Always In Color


A002_C005_0514C7.0001771FUnofficial Bio: I love to dance.

Official Bio: After years of meddling in her friends’ love lives, Rebekah Weatherspoon turned to writing romance to get her fix. She’s worked in various positions from library assistant, meter maid, middle school teacher, B movie production assistant, reality show crew chauffeur, D movie producer, and her most fulfilling job to date, lube and harness specialist at an erotic boutique in West Hollywood.

Her interests include Wonder Woman collectibles, cookies, cheesy pop music, football, American muscle cars, large breed dogs, PBS documentaries, cartoons, naps, and the ocean. If given the chance, she will cheat at UNO. Raised in Southern New Hampshire, Rebekah Weatherspoon now lives in Southern California where she will remain forever because she hates moving.

Her BDSM romance At Her Feet won the Golden Crown Literary Award for erotic lesbian fiction. Her novella FIT (#1 in the FIT Trilogy) won the Romantic Times Book Reviews Reviewers’ Choice Award for Best Erotica Novella, SATED (#3 in the FIT Trilogy) was nominated for the the Romantic Times Book Reviews Reviewers’ Choice Award for Best Digital Erotic Romance and most recently SOUL TO KEEP VSS#3 won the 2017 Lambda Literary Award for Best LGBTQ Erotica.

Rebekah is represented by Holly Root of Root Literary.

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Where are you from?

Exeter, NH. It’s a hell of a town.

Where do you live now?

Los Angeles. It’s fun watching climate change play out in real time.

Do you have any brothers and sisters?

Yes, two brothers and one sister. I love them to pieces. I also have some pretty kick-ass parents.

How many books will be in the Vampire Sorority Series?

No clue.

Were you in a sorority?

Yes, but there were no vampires.

Who is your favorite sorority girl featured in Better Off Red?


Who is your favorite vampire featured Better Off Red?

Kina. You might have to wait until book six to really understand why.

We know what you like to write, but what do you like to read?

Historical Romance is my weakness. I love stories that take place during the Reconstruction era.

Who is your favorite author?

I can’t pick just one, so here’s the short list.

Beverly Jenkins

LaVryle Spencer

Alyssa Cole

Sarah Kuhn

What’s your favorite book?

At this very moment, Tempest by Beverly Jenkins

Favorite Movie?

Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Favorite TV Show

House Hunters