Where the Happily Ever Afters Are Always In Color

Genres: Contemporary, Erotic Romance, Paranormal | Series: Vampire Sorority Sisters | Available Now

Every sorority has its secrets…

And college freshman Ginger Carmichael couldn’t care less. She has more important things on her mind, like maintaining her perfect GPA. No matter how much she can’t stand the idea of the cliques and the matching colors, there’s something about the girls of Alpha Beta Omega—their beauty, confidence, and unapologetic sexuality—that draws Ginger in. But once initiation begins, Ginger finds that her pledge is more than a bond of sisterhood, it’s a lifelong pact to serve six bloodthirsty demons with a lot more than nutritional needs.

Despite her fears, Ginger falls hard for the immortal queen of this nest, and as the semester draws to a close, she sees that protecting her family from the secret of her forbidden love is much harder than studying for finals.

Winner: Best Lesbian Debut Novel – 2012
Rainbow Awards



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CherryGrrl.com says:

“Rebekah Weatherspoon’s Better Off Red is a dark and erotic look into the otherwise bottle-blonde world known as Greek sorority life. The story is wildly entertaining, grip-your-sheets hot, and a wonderful addition to any paranormal library. I honestly cannot wait to see what other secrets and awakenings are in store for the sisters of Alpha Beta Omega, but, more importantly, I cannot wait to see more from this very talented writer.” Christina, Cherrygrrl.com