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 Day 195


I haven’t updated in a while because I’ve been busy blowing time/self-promoting/ forging lifelong friendships on facebook and twitter, but I’m back and in a SUPER MOOD! I’ve also gotten some great research field trips in for this series and the Were-boys I want to write at some point.

Over the past few days, I’ve come to the upside of revisions. Usually I write something and once it’s done I never want to look at it again, but I don’t think anyone involved in getting this book out to the public wants it out exactly the way it is now, with typos and such.

I was dreading having to rework a few scenes when a flash of positive energy smacked me up side the head. This is my chance to do completely right by any future readers, to look very closely a the tiny things I may have missed and fixed them. Also its a great chance to extend a few sex scenes :)

Now I’m really excited to work through my edits, almost as excited as I am to some day get my cover art. I’m really excited about the cover art.

In other news I all I want for my birthday is a kitten. I wont get one. So sad.

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