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 Day 281


New Book. New Router. A new reason to gain another 30 pounds.

So my publisher tells me (im making the wording up) “Yes, write this new book, young one. Tell your light-hearted romantic comedy tale. Meet your deadline and if it doesn’t BLOW, we’ll put it out in a timely fashion.” And them the universe blesses me with sciatica.* Now I have a decent tolerance for pain, but suffering from “Sciatica (or sciatic neuritis), a set of symptoms including pain that may be caused by general compression and/or irritation of one of five spinal nerve roots that give rise to each sciatic nerve, or by compression or irritation of the left or right or both sciatic nerves, is one of the most awful things I’ve experienced in my entire life.

I f-ed my back last year, had the same problem, but it when away. AND THEN IT CAME BACK. I was out of work for a week, on my back most of that time. Some of the time, on my back crying, literally. I had to crawl to the bathroom. Sitting up felt like my bones were literally grinding together. My poor boyfriend had to put on my socks for me for our trip to the doctor.

The up-shot: I caught up on so much cable ondemand.

The bull@#$ other side: crippling pain doesn’t really make for a happy writer. I was blocked like crazy.

Thankfully the blockage is gone and so is the majority of the pain. It still hurts like crazy to sit in certain chairs for long periods of time, but I’ve written a good chunk this week. A chunk I’m pretty happy with.

In other news, I’ve started a tumblr account to share x-rated visual aids to my stories.  http://rebekahloves.tumblr.com/ PLEASE click with caution. I mean it when I say x-rated. I write erotica after all. 🙂 There’s also funny stuff and really cute pictures of puppies and kittens and Wonder Woman.

A search for a new router derailed my writing plans for tonight, but I’m back on the nets now with access to my completely writing life. Happy as an almost-walking normal clam.

*i dont know what adam is and my butt doesn’t look like that.

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